Campaign against junk mail – point me to it

The spam that I hate the most isn’t in my inbox or Facebook or LinkedIn. It’s in my physical mailbox. 

Why is it that I can easily unsubscribe from email blasts, but I can’t easily opt out of catalogues, credit card offers or broadband bundle offers sent by post?  

Don’t you think there should be a web address listed on the back of each uninvited letter or catalogue, where you could go and register to be TAKEN OFF of their bulk mail list?

I know I can ban ALL junk mail, but there’s a few catalogues I want to keep getting – Pottery Barn for dreaming (if only I had a spare $20K), Hannah Anderson for the pyjamas.  And banning flyers/ads actually won’t stop the credit card offers anyway.

I’m far from being an eco fanatic, but the waste of it all gets to me, too. I wonder how many pounds of paper I toss in the recycle bin month? Stuff sent to me that’s unwanted, takes my time to open, and turns me off post mail all together? 

I’m usually not a fan of regulation (because although we need a certain level to function well, I’m convinced we have more than enough in most areas), BUT come on! Let’s add post mail to the email spam laws.  Please! 

Someone point me to the movement/petition/campaign for this.