I still want to write about compassion a

I still want to write about compassion and the free-market – if we get rid of government entitlement programs which is the moral thing to do, who steps in to fill the gap? The Gov’t programs have atrophied the non-profits who used to fill this role. So today, how do we help one another, recreate true community and avoid the brutality that is expected to come when the gov’t safety nets go? Seems to me that churches and synagogues used to be the natural answer, community groups that could care for those down on their luck. Am I right in thinking that fewer and fewer go to church, and we’re pretty isolated from one another – at least in our family, that’s the way it is. There’s some connection through the PTA, after school activities (superficial) and we used to have community through our co-op preschool (was wonderful).

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