Tax Day Tea Parties

I’m going to a Tea Party because I do think it’s gone too far in terms of goverment having the ‘solution’ to all our problems. Bush and the Republicans were just as bad as Obama and the Dems if not more so – at least the Democrats tell us what they stand for, while Republicans talk about individual liberty and limited government but do the opposite.

There are a lot of people trying to claim the Tea Parties for their own (Republicans, Fox, etc) and other deriding it (sniff, sniff) as a trick (= Tina Dupuy), which is VERY annoying but it won’t stop me from going. Politicians at all levels are NOT cutting back on programs but rather desperately trying to stave off needed market adjustments.

Washington isn’t even talking about cutting out wasteful programs, reducing our overseas military involvement or paring back budgets.

I’m going to a tea party to take a stand for the private sector (non-profit and profit alike) and a free market system with sound government regulations ensuring fair honest trade can take place, rather than a market full of subsidies, industry favoritism, social engineering, fixed pricing and massive regulatory burdens that drive small/med business out and stifle innvation.

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