9 month old problem solved!

I can’t believe it; my ongoing problem making online payments to Anthem is solved!

I’ve called their Customer Care reps probably a dozen times over the past nine months, tried logging in on several PCs and a MAC, set up a new online account/password, trying to work out why my online payments would always derail on the last step when I hit ‘Authorize’.

Today I got a nice woman named Patty on the phone and she took the time for me to dictate the error message to her including the 40 digit reference number. She fired this off to a technical person and was able to find out in a couple of minutes that the error message is due to my EMAIL ADDRESS BEING TOO LONG  (there must be a maximum field setting somewhere).

I’m so happy! Despite the irritation and frustration this has caused me over the last months.

Hooray for a Customer Care Rep who knows what to do with technical errors.

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